The story of Amanda Knox is one of the biggest controversies that hound the Americans in this generation. From her arrest to her freedom, there has definitely been much hullaballoo about the life of this American girl.


Background information on Amanda Knox

Amanda KnoxAmanda Knox is an American college student. Her major then was Linguistics. She was implicated in the murder of her British housemate. The latter is Meredith Kercher, 21 years old and is from England. The murder happened in their house in Perugia, Italy.  They share this house with two other women.


The murder: Amanda Knox and the other suspects

According to police reports, Ms. Kercher was found semi-naked and with her throat slit. She was also found in a duvet. Further statements by the prosecution indicated that Ms. Kercher was killed while she and the suspects were playing a game of rough sex. The suspects are primarily Ms. Knox and her former boyfriend Rafaelle Sollecito. It was said that something went horribly wrong and that the two suspects were actually high on drugs when the murder happened.

Aside from her former boyfriend Sollecito, it is also said that a certain Rudy Hermann Guede was also involved in the murder. Mr. Guede was supposedly the drug dealer who helped Ms. Knox carry out the murder.



Amanda KnoxThe deliberation for the Knox case took months. Throughout the trial, Ms. Knox has always maintained that she is innocent of the charges. Nonetheless, she has always been perceived by majority of the public as guilty. She was sent to study abroad on an exchange program who had gone wild and became addicted to marijuana.

Even the media frenzy did not help her. Needless to say, the case drew much media attention. One of the main reasons for this is the lurid details of the murder. On the other hand, Ms. Knox has also managed to get some support. The supporters maintained that Ms. Knox was just a victim of injustice in a country far away from home.

But after much hullaballoo and contrasting portrayals, Ms. Knox was still found guilty. She was sentenced to 26 years of imprisonment for the murder. Then her former boyfriend and co-defendant was sentenced to 25 years. They were then put in November 2007.



But after a while, the camp of the defendants filed for an appeal. This time, it took almost 11 hours for the jury to deliberate. The jury for the appeal was made up of eight Italians; two of whom are judges. But in the end, the appellate court overturned the convictions of Ms. Knox and her co-defendants. And on Oct. 3, 2011, Ms. Knox and the other defendants were freed.

Again, this generated much controversy and media frenzy from all over the world. Ever since the trial started, Ms. Knox has become notorious in all parts of the globe. And the acquittal even made her even hotter in the public eye.

Now, Ms. Knox has maintained a low profile. She is currently residing in the United States and starting a new life with her boyfriend and family; although it has been reported that Amanda Knox has signed a deal with a media corporation for the release of her side of the story.