Raffaele Sollecito was the former boyfriend of Amanda Knox. He was also one of the two other suspects who were convicted for the murder of the Briton Meredith Kercher who was then 21 years old and a roommate of Ms. Knox.


Background information on the Amanda Knox case

Amanda KnoxThe case of the murder of Ms. Kercher involving Ms. Knox can definitely be considered as one of the most controversial cases of this generation. Ms. Knox was an American college student. She was then studying abroad in Italy and her major was Linguistics.

Ms. Knox was sharing the house with the victim, Ms. Kercher, and two other housemates. On that fateful night of the murder, Ms. Kercher, Ms. Knox and two other men were supposedly playing a rough sex game that led to the killing of Ms. Kercher. The two other suspects are Raffaele Sollecito—Amanda’s former boyfriend—and Mr. Rudy Guede—an Ivorian drifter.

It was been found out that drugs were involved in the murder. The suspects were supposedly high on drugs when the murder took place. Things went out of hand and the game went terribly wrong.

Ms. Knox and the two other suspects were found guilty of homicide and were sentenced to more than 20 years each. But the camp of Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito filed for an appeal. And in a controversial decision, the former couple were freed.


Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito maintained contact

Even as they are going on their separate lives, Mr. Sollecito said in an interview that he and Ms. Knox still maintained contact. But as reports have said, they are no longer together and Ms. Knox already has a new boyfriend.

According to Mr. Sollecito, he and Ms. Knox converse through Skype at times. Skype is a famous software for video conferencing. He even said that Ms. Knox sang a song for him the last time that they had a Skype conference.

Aside from conversing through Skype, Mr. Sollecito said he and Ms. Knox communicated through exchanging emails. They even saw each other in April in what Mr. Sollecito said was a “nervous reunion”.


Raffaele Sollecito’s book

Amanda KnoxMr. Sollecito also has his own book recounting his experience with Amanda Knox. It details not only his romantic ordeal with Ms. Knox, but also his account of the murder.

According to Mr. Sollecito, he and Ms. Knox had a nine-day affair which he detailed in the book. He even described it as dreamy. And after their whirlwind romance, they found themselves in the middle of a controversial murder case. Media outlets and corporations went into a frenzy in the coverage. And the case hit newsstands not only in Britain, Italy and the United States, but also in other parts of the globe.


Raffaele Sollecito maintains innocence

Up to the end, Mr. Sollecito maintains that he and Ms. Knox were innocent of the charges filed against them. And though they were convicted and served their sentence for about four years, they were set free after a successful appeal and both he and Amanda Knox are starting on a new life.