Perhaps you have heard of Amanda Knox in the news. After all, her story is one of the most controversial legal issues to come out in recent memory. An alleged murderer of her roommate, her case seems to have all the ingredients of a legal drama plot: a questionable suspect, a flawed trial, accusations of imbalanced treatment, and media people broadcasting all these subplots in all of its gory glory. Who is she and what makes her case such a compelling issue to begin with? I, with this article, would tell all that and more.


Knox before all the controversy

Amanda KnoxBefore the murder and the much-publicized trial, Knox lived a life that is not exactly different from the rest of us. Born on July 9, 1987, she was born and raised in Seattle, United States. Even though her parents would end up separating, she was widely considered to be both lively and independent. She took her high school education at the Seattle Preparatory School. Upon graduation in 2005, she enrolled at University of Washington for college, where she took up the course of Linguistics. Because of the desire to learn more about the Italian culture, she decided to become an exchange student at the University for Foreigners in Perugia.


Amanda Knox and her Italian sojourn gone bad

In the beginning of her stay in Perugia, life was good. Not only does Knox learning about Italian, but she was also learning a little bit about German and creative writing too. She gained a new set of friends which included one of her housemates, Meredith Kercher. She also had an Italian boyfriend, Raffael Sollecito. But all that bliss would end up being gobbled in a cloud of controversy on the night of November 1, 2007. Her housemate, Kercher, was brutally murdered and robbed at their apartment. And about 5 days after that murder, Knox and Sollecito were detained for their supposed role in the murder.


The controversial trial of Amanda Knox

Amanda KnoxIt’s widely reputed that there are so many irregularities involved in the Knox trial. There are allegations that the police, hard-pressed for a resolution in the case, ended up harassing Knox so she would admit herself to the murder. And the harassment continued later inside jail, with cops allegedly sexually harassing her and leaking her personal information to the media. These factors, combined with other details from the case, made her trial one of the most sensationalized trials in recent memory. Italian media, as well as British and American media, have paid strong attention to this case. Knox and Sollecito ended up being acquitted in October 3, 2011 on the grounds that there’s no evidence implicating them to the murder case.


The aftermath

Much has been said about Knox’s trial. It tells a lot about judicial system flaws and how the media can potentially make it worse. After nearly 4 years since being detained in a probably wrongful manner, she has since returned to the United States. Amanda Knox has a 4 million dollar contract with HarperCollins to publish her memoir, which is due to be released this year.