Amanda Knox started just like any one of us, a student that just wants to learn new things. But fate took her life to a completely different direction and turned it to something else. In her case, it came in the form of an involvement in a murder case that she may or may not have been involved with. It is during this time that she became better known as Foxy Knoxy, a woman who is apparently a victim of character assassination and distortion. Who is the girl behind the legend of Foxy Knoxy?


Knox before the murder

Amanda KnoxKnox was born in July 9, 1987 in Seattle, Washington. Widely reputed as a bright student, she spent most of her academic life in Seattle. She graduated from high school at the Seattle Preparatory School in 2005. She would then take her talents to the University of Washington, where she would take up the course of linguistics. Mainly driven by her desire to learn about Italian culture, she decided to go to Perugia, Italy to take up an Italian course at the University for Foreigners. She also took subjects in German and creative writing. However, what’s supposed to be just a learning stopover ended up becoming a completely different struggle.


Amanda Knox and the Meredith Kercher murder

On November 1, 2007, one of her housemates in Perugia, Meredith Kercher, was found dead. She had multiple stabs on her throat and is a possible victim of theft, as her credit card and cellphones, among others, were found to be missing. Because of her apparent oblivious behavior, the cops became very suspicious of Knox. It would never be known if Knox gave herself away or if she really was harassed by the cops during interrogation, but she ended up being on jail, together with her then-boyfriend Raffael Sollecito, on charges for the murder of Kercher. This would only serve as the beginning of one of the more compelling trials in recent memory.


Is the Kercher murder the trial of the decade?

Amanda KnoxThat’s a question most people have in their minds. After all, it’s rare that you have a case involving a non-political, non-showbiz personality to be gobbled up by both local and international media. But it made its mark for different reasons. There’s the possibility that the trial was hastily and spottily executed. There’s the possibility of harassment and foul play on the part of the police. And there’s the possibility that Knox and Sollecito were wrongfully jailed. Either way, the trial dragged on, and both of them remained in prison. Finally, they were set free on October 2011, thanks to an overturned decision by the second level of trial, leading to the acquittal of Knox and Sollecito.


Amanda Knox: Life after the murder

Since her acquittal, she has returned to the United States. She is scheduled to make a book about her experience, signing a contract with publisher HarperCollins amounting to 4 million dollars. This caps the dark story of Amanda Knox, the woman behind the legend of Foxy Knoxy.