The story of Amanda Knox is truly one of the most memorable and controversial in this generation. A beautiful American college student who went abroad to study just landed in the middle of a controversial murder which later on resulted to her conviction and eventual freedom. There is, indeed, much drama and twists in her story.

But in the midst of it all, Ms. Knox was able to make it through the tough times with the help of her family and friends who stayed by her side. Even though her detractors continually demonized her, her friends, family and supporters showed her that she was not alone in her fight. They sacrificed a lot for her.

Her best friend, in particular, put in a lot of time and effort to show Amanda that she had a friend to turn to in time of need. This is their story.


Amanda Knox best friend

Amanda KnoxMadison Paxton, 24 years old, came with the Knox family when they moved to Perugia, Italy to be with Amanda. Ms. Paxton was the best friend of Ms. Knox. She was very determined and even moved to Perugia, Italy to be constantly around her best friend to support her. She worked behind the scenes. But in the midst of everything that Ms. Knox went through, Ms. Paxton was the indispensable morale booster as well as confidant that Amanda needed to push through the trial and her conviction.


Amanda Knox: the need for human relationship

While inside prison, Ms. Knox did not really have relationships, let alone human contact. She longed for company and that is exactly what her best friend Madison Paxton gave her. The spunkiness and the nature of her relationship with Ms. Knox just gave the suspect the will to stand up for her rights and fight a good battle until the end.

Ms. Paxton recollected that on Tuesdays and Saturdays, she would never fail to visit Ms. Knox in prison. She never grew tired. She would share how she would take a 15-minute bus ride, then walk for another 20 minutes until she reaches prison.


Cure for desolation

Amanda KnoxAmanda Knox was suffering from desolation and depression according to the tales of Ms. Paxton. She was taking it too hard on herself that people are judging her without them even knowing who she really is. And during these times of confusion and despair, Ms. Paxton was there by her side.

Ms. Paxton even recounted an anecdote during one of her visits. Ms. Knox had an eyelash and Ms. Paxton was quick to get it. Then after a few days, Ms. Paxton got a letter from Ms. Knox. The latter was telling her how grateful she was for the kind and friendly gesture that she did; because for her, it did not seem to exist anymore in her then present world in prison.


Making it through a tough ordeal

Now, Ms. Knox is walking as a free woman. Her conviction was overturned—as well as that of her former boyfriend. And Amanda Knox is now living a new life away from the horrors of her past.