There is no doubt that the controversial murder case involving American student Amanda Knox and two other suspects are among the biggest cases of this generation. During the time of the trial, the case generated much hullaballoo and media frenzy not just in Italy where the murder happened, but also in the United States as well as the home country of the murder victim which is England.

Even to this day when Ms. Knox and Mr. Raffaele Sollecito—her former boyfriend which also used to be her co-defendant—are already set free and leading new lives, controversy still has not stopped following them. In fact, they are set to publish their own books sharing their accounts of the murder and their individual lives.


Background information on the murder case involving Amanda Knox

Amanda KnoxWhen the murder happened, Ms. Knox was then studying abroad as a college student in Italy. Her major was linguistics. She shared a house with the murder victim Ms. Meredith Kercher and two other girls.

On the night of the murder, Ms. Kercher, Ms. Knox and two other men were supposedly playing a rough sex game. The two other suspects are Raffaele Sollecito—Ms. Knox’s former boyfriend—and Mr. Rudy Guede—an Ivorian drifter.

It has also been found out that drugs were involved in the murder. The suspects were supposedly high on drugs when the murder took place. Things went out of hand and the game went horribly wrong. This then led to the brutal murder of Ms. Kercher. She was found half-naked with her throat slit.

Although they all maintained their innocence, Ms. Knox and the two other suspects were found guilty of homicide and were sentenced to more than 20 years each. But the camp of Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito filed for an appeal. And in a controversial decision, the former couple were freed. But Mr. Guede remained in jail to serve his sentence to this day.


Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito share their stories

The former couple Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito are now leading their own separate lives. But they have decided to put an end to all the questions and mystery by sharing their own versions of the story. Both of them have signed contracts and are already releasing their own book sharing their account of the murder as well as all the other events in between.


Paid millions for their stories

Amanda KnoxIt has also been said that the former couple are paid millions of dollars each to spill their story. Media outlets have actually been in intense competition as to who will get the scoop and give out the exclusive story of the controversial murder case.


Ms. Knox and Mr. Sollecito maintain their innocence

Up to the end, both Mr. Sollecito and Ms. Knox maintain that they were innocent of the charges filed against them. And though they were convicted for about four years, they were set free after a successful appeal and both Raffaele Sollecito and Amanda Knox are starting on a new life with their family—and Ms. Knox has a new boyfriend.