For me, only a few cases in recent memory can be considered as compelling as the Amanda Knox case. This is for many reasons. It has all the ingredients to make for a great law drama script: a relatively unsolved case, a grisly crime, possible conspiracy theories, and the potential for foul play before, during, or after the trial. In fact, it was one of the more publicly scrutinized cases not involving any celebrity or politician this decade. That has to be something, right?


Who is Amanda Knox?

Amanda KnoxIf you’ll see her credentials, she doesn’t have the background, the behavior, or the power to possibly create one of the most sensational crimes of her time. She’s born in the USA on July 9, 1987, raised in the Seattle area. This is where she took practically all of her educational units, with the exception of enrolling in 2007 as an exchange student in Italy’s University for Foreigners to learn Italian, German, and Creative Writing. It is here in Italy where her improbable and borderline bizarre ascent to fame started.


The murder

It is during her stay in Italy that she was introduced to an English girl named Meredith Kercher. Kercher was one of the 3 girls Knox shared an apartment with. Then on November 1, 2007, something bizarre happened. Kercher was found dead inside her apartment, apparently a victim of sexual abuse, theft, and murder. 5 days after the murder, Knox and her boyfriend (now an ex) Raffaele Sollecito were implicated in the killing of Kercher. They were immediately put into trial and were placed under cautionary detention at the Capanne Prison.


The trial of Amanda Knox

Amanda KnoxIt is during the duration of the trial that things got really crazy. They were convicted in the first level of trial, but they weren’t judged yet mainly because the higher courts haven’t approved the decision yet. However, she still remained in prison during the entire time, where she was purportedly sexually harassed by prison guards. All kinds of accusations have arisen since that – a slander case here, a tell-all book there, and all kinds of accusations in between. The trial, because of its tremendous publicity, split the world into 2 camps, people believing that Knox was being falsely charged and those who believed she actually deserved more jail time. This trial had somehow become more than just a trial. It had become a worldwide spectacle.



4 years after being imprisoned, in 2011, Knox got her appeal accepted in the second level of trial, putting an end to one of the most contentious cases in recent memory. After spawning intense debates, TV specials, books, and the like, the Kercher murder case was finally put to a legal conclusion. But the controversies that emerged from it are not seen to die down any time soon. It has become a case made from the stuff of fiction. But now that she’s free, Amanda Knox is ready to move on, and has lived on to tell her story.