The curious case of Amanda Knox may go down as one of the most controversial cases of all time. Not only did her case attract worldwide attention, but it did spark a debate between different sectors of the society. Who would have thought that a college student accused of her roommate’s murder can become the epicenter of all kinds of judicial controversies? I would talk more on her life and the issues she had faced (and still currently facing) in this article.


Amanda Knox: The beginning

Amanda KnoxKnox began her life like any other American kid. Born and raised in Seattle, she is a product of a couple who later divorced while she was growing up. Knox studied mostly in the Seattle area, first attending Seattle Preparatory School. She stayed near home for her collegiate education when she opted to enroll at the University of Washington in 2005. However, she enrolled at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, Italy in 2007 so she can master Italian, German, and creative writing better. It is here where her story took a very interesting turn and would lead her to worldwide acclaim for probably all the wrong reasons.


The Meredith Kercher murder

Because she is living halfway around the world, Knox would have to find a place to stay. This is when she shared a house with 3 students: Meredith Kercher and 2 other Italian students. On November 1, 2007, Kercher was found dead on the spot in this same house. 5 days later, Knox, together with her then-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, was arrested for the murder of Kercher. Prison would be the place Knox would call home for the next 4 years, as she was convicted (but not confirmed by the higher courts of Italy) for the cases of sexual assault, murder, and first level burglary.


Prison and post-prison life

Amanda Knox4 years may seem like a very long time, so it was quite interesting to know what Knox did while serving time. During that time, she was falsely diagnosed to be HIV-positive, and even had a list of her lovers (prerequisite for HIV diagnosis) leaked into the media. She also claimed to have been sexually abused by Italian jail authorities. However, it was also during her jail time that she met Rocco Girlanda, a lawmaker. He would later on publish excerpts of his conversations with Knox while she was in jail. Eventually, thru an appeal, she was able to overturn charges hurled against her, and she was released in October 3, 2011.


Amanda Knox and the never-ending controversy around her

Even during freedom, the name of Knox is still tied with all kinds of movements and controversies. All kinds of articles and books were written about her and her case, with some of them purportedly containing biased and false content. Also, bad treatment from officials ranging from the judiciary to the prison system was laid out in the open because of her case. And there are signs that the aftermath of this case seems to be far from over. The curious case of Amanda Knox would definitely go down as one of the most compelling legal cases to come out in years.